Open minded?!

People judge you - this is their way of telling you that they don't like you or your way of seeing things.
They'll talk about you no matter what. 
They'll say you're just a child, that you need to grow up and face life and reality - the usual answer given to you when you don't share the same point of view as they do.
They say you need to be open minded but this is exactly what they're not. Because they judge your way of viewing things, because you don't have the same opinion, because you don't see the things in exactly the same way they do, because you don't fit in their pattern (you're unique, stay the same!).
What being open minded means?! It means you need to open your mind to any possibility, to any chance and to any view, no matter from which direction is coming.
So don't you fucking dare tell me you're open minded because you're not. Before you try to change me, you better look at yourself to see what and where you're wrong because the bad side of the story is definitely not my side.


Don't wait until is too late

You wish something?! You fight for it.
You want something?! You go for it.
If you wait for the things to come on a silver plate for you, then your place is not here. Only the fighters survive, the rest are just there waiting for the end to come.
And if you think the other one wishes you all the best then you are the most naive person I've ever met and the one who'll lose everything before even knowing that.
So go there and fight for your dreams and for what you want before losing it for good and forever.


Seize the day.

Life: a bunch of moments...some hate it because not always they have what they want, others love it because they know tomorrow may never come; I...love it because not always I had happy moments and not always I received what I asked for or wanted and because I had hard moments from which I have learned; so, all we really need to do is just love and enjoy every moment either sad or happy because in the end this is what really matters; so live your life at the fullest and have no regrets.


Chapter 7 - The truth opens new times

The phone was ringing:
- Hello?!
- Hey, Sarah!
- Hey, Nathan. How're you? I was waiting you to...
- Uhm...listen...I want to talk to you.
- Ok. I'll be at your place in 15 minutes.
- Ok. See you there then.
She was thinking at what Nathan wanted to talk about.
'Maybe he wants to tell me how he feels...that he likes me. Aww...it's so cute. Now he'll tell me he wants to be with me.'
Sarah finally arrived at his place.
- Nathan?! Where are you? Come on...I don' feel like playing any game right now. Nathan?!
She heard something. It was someone talking.
- Listen...I know how you feel but you have to know that I want to move on. I know we have history but...yes, I feel the same too that's why I want to change...You hurt me and it wasn't easy for me. Remember that I'm what I am now because of you. Ohh come on....of course I still love you but...
In that moment Sarah felt like the sky was falling over her and she couldn't breathe anymore. She dropped her phone and she started to run.
- Ohh my...Sarah?! Sarah, please stop!
- Leave me alone.
- Please...
- How could you? You're an asshole. I hate you!
- I don't think you feel like this.
- No?! You're disgusting...I don't want to see you anymore.
- At least let me explain you. Give me a chance.
- What could you explain me? That you were playing with me? That you were using me to make her jealous? Did it worked?
- I wasn't using you. I could never use you for something like this. You have to trust me.
- Trust you? And why I should do this? Who are you to trust you?
- You love me and that's why.
- Yeah...shame on me that I trusted you even if I loved you. You can't be trusted. Trust must be earned and you did nothing to earn it.
And she left. After a few days of crying she said to her:
'Ohh come on, Sarah! No one deserves your tears and the one who does, won't make you cry. So get your ass out of your room and start living your life again. There are a billion boys out there...you don't have to cry because an idiot is too stupid to know that.'
- Sarah, can you please come a little? her mother was trying to make her feel better.
- Mom, no. I'm not hungry. Maybe later.
- No, I'm not asking you to eat. Just come and see.
- Ok. I'll be down in 5 minutes.
She was dressing and thinking that she must put a smile on her face so people could think that she is ok now. She moved on.
- Yeah, tell me. mom. What can I do for you?
- Can you come closer? I want to show you something!
- Of course. What....Jerry?! Oh my God. Is that you?
- Yeah. I'm back now...at least for a while.
- Wow! and she ran to hug him. She was so happy that her old friend was back and now she has a shoulder to cry on and someone who could make her feel alive again.
- I've heard that here has happened a lot of things. Good ones...and bad ones. Do you want to talk now or after we take a city tour?
- Yeah...I have so much to tell you but first let's go out. I need fresh air and see new faces...new people.
- That's my girl! Let's go to conquer the world.
- Wow. Those are big words!


Chapter 6 - When reality interferes with dreams

Next day at school Sarah was the happiest girl in the whole world because she spent a night with her lover. Everyone was her friend in that day and she had no enemies. But this until the night came.
- Hello! Sarah?
- Uhm…yes. Sarah here. Who’s there?
- I’m sorry. I’m from the Central Hospital and we have to tell you something.
- Yes, sure. About what? About the analysis from the last week?
- No. About your mother.
- What?! What happened to her? Is she ok?
- She had a car accident and she…
- Hello?! Sarah, are you there?
Sarah was on way to hospital. She was thinking at so many things and she didn’t saw that a car was coming in front of her and that she was on the wrong way. She tried to avoid to have a car accident…and she struck a tree. People near her asked one another if she’s ok. “Yes, of course I’m ok. I’m fine. I’m perfect. My mom is in hospital because she had a car accident and what am I doing here?”
- Someone to call an ambulance. She’s bleeding.
“What?! No, I’m fine. Can’t you see that I’m ok?”
The ambulance was coming and the doctor asked what happened.
- She was trying to avoid colliding with the other car and she ended here.
- Ok. Sue, take her and go to the Central Hospital.
“My mom…I’ll see my mom. Is she ok?”
- Come on. Call dr. Adams to come because we need him in the operating room. Quick.
“Hey. What’s going on? What happened with my mom? She’s ok? Why are you operating her? I feel like moving…I can’t see anything. I’m the one that….”
- Quick. Put her the perfusion and the anesthesia, the doctors were talking.
Few hours later she was in her room. Opening her eyes she saw her mother and Nathan too. She didn’t remember anything.
- Hey baby. How this happened? said her mom.
- ….
- I know baby. Everything will be ok. Try to sleep now. Nathan, I’m going to ask the doctor something. Please stay here and take care of her.
- Of course.
Her mother left the room.
- Sarah, I feel guilty about this. Why weren’t you careful when you drive? I need to tell you something very important. Something that I can’t say you face to face. Now that you’re sleeping I can tell you. I love you Sarah. I love you from the first day I saw you. You’re always in my mind and you don’t know how I feel now. If something happens to you I couldn’t bear.
“Why I feel like I’m going? It’s so dark but I can see a light. I’ll go there; maybe I’ll find the way to get out of here.”
- Sarah?!
“This voice sounds familiar. Is…”
- Hey, Sarah. Wake up. Nathan's here.
- What?! She was so scared and she was searching if she’s ok.
- Hey, what are you doing?
- I had a car accident and I…
- No, you had a dream. You’re ok. Now go and see Nathan.


Chapter 5 - The surprise

Days were passing and they have become closely friends. The winter was near and Sarah was planning something.
“I should throw a party”, said Sarah. “Something that he’ll never forget. Something unforgetable.”
While she was making the preparations for the party she received a message: “Meet you in 10 minutes, down.” It wasn’t signed so she didn’t know from who was that message. She dressed and get out to see who wants to meet her. As usual, she was very punctual. I can’t say the same thing about the person who called her out.
- Hello?! Is anybody there?!
- Turn easy to the left.
- What…
- Easy I said.
- Who are you? Why should I listen to you?
- Do what I told you to do and don’t ask anything.
- Why should I do this? Who are you? Come out in light to see you.
- Not now. Good. Now is the moment for you to take 2 steps.
- Huh!?
- 2 steps I said.
- What an idiot. He asked me to came out and what he’s doing?! He wants me to take 2 steps. How stupid!
- I heard that!
- Oh, really? I was worried that you didn’t.
- Ha, ha. Very funny.
- Ok. That’s enough. I’ll go because it’s cold outside and I don’t want to play games anymore.
- Wait.
And in the same time a big and colorful light was turned on. In front of her was a table with a red rose in the middle. On the left side was a piano. She was amazed by the view.
I've never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight
I've never seen you shine so bright
I've never seen so many men ask you if you wanted to dance” He was singing „Lady in red”
- Nathan, you are...! How beautiful is everything. Thank you for the song. It’s amazing.
- Yes. I know. You welcome. So...do you like it?
- If I like it!? I love it.
- Good. That’s what I wanted to hear.Would you mind if I’ll ask you to dance?
- Uhm...I guess not.
- Fine. Let’s dance then.
Dancing with him was a wish that she never ever thought that could be realized. But a dream became true that night. And there were more.
- Now I think it’s the time to eat something, don’t you agree? said Nathan.
- Uhm..yeah. Sure.
But this was the only thing that Sarah wanted: to stay with him all night long. She didn’t want anything more than him.
- Uhm...you’re not thinking to eat something? Your parents will be worried that I didn’t gave you something to eat.
- Ha, ha. Funny boy.
So the night turned into something special for her. Thinking to make something to surprise Nathan, she was surprised by him instead.


Chapter 4 - The meeting

Sarah was feeling awful about Marian and what she did but in the same time she was thinking what to do with “blue eyes”. Meantime, she found out that “blue eyes” broke up with her girlfriend and she thought that there was a possibility for her. She tried different things but in the end she found a classmate of “blue eyes” and decided to talk to him.

- Hi! You know, I have a cousin that likes very much a classmate of you and I want to do something for her, said Sarah.

- Uhm…Ok. First, who are you?

- I’m Antonia. I have a friend that study at your high shool.

- Ok. And how she met my classmate?

- Uhm…I don’t know but what I know is that she loves him very much.

- Ok. You know that he broke up with his girlfriend one week ago and that he’s hurt and vulnerable.

- Yes. I know.

- You know?!

- Yes, I know because I…I mean, she told me.

- Ohhh…ok. Then I’ll give you his email.

- Ok. Thank you very much. You made my wish come true.

- Uhm…what?!

- Nothing. I understand.

- Ok.

That day was the most beautiful day from her life. She write him an email telling him what happened.

To: darkangel@hotmail.com

From: sensibletoyou@gmail.com

Hi! I’m Sarah. I’m a school mate of you. I found your email through a change of lists. Nice to meet you.

She received an email from him:

To: sensibletoyou@gmail.com

From: darkangel@hotmail.com

Hi! Nice to meet you too. But…why? I mean why you kept my email and why you want to talk with me?

They were talking in this way and in a few days they have become friends. All was good. One day at school Sarah was listening to music at her headphones and was lost in nowhere. She was dreaming: a prince coming to her with a white horse.

- Hi, Sarah!


- Sarah?!

- ….what?

- I said “Hi!”…

- Ohh….I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.

- It’s ok. Tell me, where were you?

- Uhm…What? When?

- Now!?

She was blushing and Nathan ( the name of “blue eyes” ) figured out what she was thinking.

- Ok. Listen, I have to go now but I’ll call you later, ok?

- …..

- Sarah?! Stop dreaming.

- Oh….Ok. Sorry. I’ll wait for you to call me. Bye.

“Wow… He is very beautiful. I think that I fall in love again…He’s much more beautiful now since we’re friends.”