Chapter 5 - The surprise

Days were passing and they have become closely friends. The winter was near and Sarah was planning something.
“I should throw a party”, said Sarah. “Something that he’ll never forget. Something unforgetable.”
While she was making the preparations for the party she received a message: “Meet you in 10 minutes, down.” It wasn’t signed so she didn’t know from who was that message. She dressed and get out to see who wants to meet her. As usual, she was very punctual. I can’t say the same thing about the person who called her out.
- Hello?! Is anybody there?!
- Turn easy to the left.
- What…
- Easy I said.
- Who are you? Why should I listen to you?
- Do what I told you to do and don’t ask anything.
- Why should I do this? Who are you? Come out in light to see you.
- Not now. Good. Now is the moment for you to take 2 steps.
- Huh!?
- 2 steps I said.
- What an idiot. He asked me to came out and what he’s doing?! He wants me to take 2 steps. How stupid!
- I heard that!
- Oh, really? I was worried that you didn’t.
- Ha, ha. Very funny.
- Ok. That’s enough. I’ll go because it’s cold outside and I don’t want to play games anymore.
- Wait.
And in the same time a big and colorful light was turned on. In front of her was a table with a red rose in the middle. On the left side was a piano. She was amazed by the view.
I've never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight
I've never seen you shine so bright
I've never seen so many men ask you if you wanted to dance” He was singing „Lady in red”
- Nathan, you are...! How beautiful is everything. Thank you for the song. It’s amazing.
- Yes. I know. You welcome. So...do you like it?
- If I like it!? I love it.
- Good. That’s what I wanted to hear.Would you mind if I’ll ask you to dance?
- Uhm...I guess not.
- Fine. Let’s dance then.
Dancing with him was a wish that she never ever thought that could be realized. But a dream became true that night. And there were more.
- Now I think it’s the time to eat something, don’t you agree? said Nathan.
- Uhm..yeah. Sure.
But this was the only thing that Sarah wanted: to stay with him all night long. She didn’t want anything more than him.
- Uhm...you’re not thinking to eat something? Your parents will be worried that I didn’t gave you something to eat.
- Ha, ha. Funny boy.
So the night turned into something special for her. Thinking to make something to surprise Nathan, she was surprised by him instead.

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