Open minded?!

People judge you - this is their way of telling you that they don't like you or your way of seeing things.
They'll talk about you no matter what. 
They'll say you're just a child, that you need to grow up and face life and reality - the usual answer given to you when you don't share the same point of view as they do.
They say you need to be open minded but this is exactly what they're not. Because they judge your way of viewing things, because you don't have the same opinion, because you don't see the things in exactly the same way they do, because you don't fit in their pattern (you're unique, stay the same!).
What being open minded means?! It means you need to open your mind to any possibility, to any chance and to any view, no matter from which direction is coming.
So don't you fucking dare tell me you're open minded because you're not. Before you try to change me, you better look at yourself to see what and where you're wrong because the bad side of the story is definitely not my side.


Don't wait until is too late

You wish something?! You fight for it.
You want something?! You go for it.
If you wait for the things to come on a silver plate for you, then your place is not here. Only the fighters survive, the rest are just there waiting for the end to come.
And if you think the other one wishes you all the best then you are the most naive person I've ever met and the one who'll lose everything before even knowing that.
So go there and fight for your dreams and for what you want before losing it for good and forever.