Chapter 7 - The truth opens new times

The phone was ringing:
- Hello?!
- Hey, Sarah!
- Hey, Nathan. How're you? I was waiting you to...
- Uhm...listen...I want to talk to you.
- Ok. I'll be at your place in 15 minutes.
- Ok. See you there then.
She was thinking at what Nathan wanted to talk about.
'Maybe he wants to tell me how he feels...that he likes me. Aww...it's so cute. Now he'll tell me he wants to be with me.'
Sarah finally arrived at his place.
- Nathan?! Where are you? Come on...I don' feel like playing any game right now. Nathan?!
She heard something. It was someone talking.
- Listen...I know how you feel but you have to know that I want to move on. I know we have history but...yes, I feel the same too that's why I want to change...You hurt me and it wasn't easy for me. Remember that I'm what I am now because of you. Ohh come on....of course I still love you but...
In that moment Sarah felt like the sky was falling over her and she couldn't breathe anymore. She dropped her phone and she started to run.
- Ohh my...Sarah?! Sarah, please stop!
- Leave me alone.
- Please...
- How could you? You're an asshole. I hate you!
- I don't think you feel like this.
- No?! You're disgusting...I don't want to see you anymore.
- At least let me explain you. Give me a chance.
- What could you explain me? That you were playing with me? That you were using me to make her jealous? Did it worked?
- I wasn't using you. I could never use you for something like this. You have to trust me.
- Trust you? And why I should do this? Who are you to trust you?
- You love me and that's why.
- Yeah...shame on me that I trusted you even if I loved you. You can't be trusted. Trust must be earned and you did nothing to earn it.
And she left. After a few days of crying she said to her:
'Ohh come on, Sarah! No one deserves your tears and the one who does, won't make you cry. So get your ass out of your room and start living your life again. There are a billion boys out there...you don't have to cry because an idiot is too stupid to know that.'
- Sarah, can you please come a little? her mother was trying to make her feel better.
- Mom, no. I'm not hungry. Maybe later.
- No, I'm not asking you to eat. Just come and see.
- Ok. I'll be down in 5 minutes.
She was dressing and thinking that she must put a smile on her face so people could think that she is ok now. She moved on.
- Yeah, tell me. mom. What can I do for you?
- Can you come closer? I want to show you something!
- Of course. What....Jerry?! Oh my God. Is that you?
- Yeah. I'm back now...at least for a while.
- Wow! and she ran to hug him. She was so happy that her old friend was back and now she has a shoulder to cry on and someone who could make her feel alive again.
- I've heard that here has happened a lot of things. Good ones...and bad ones. Do you want to talk now or after we take a city tour?
- Yeah...I have so much to tell you but first let's go out. I need fresh air and see new faces...new people.
- That's my girl! Let's go to conquer the world.
- Wow. Those are big words!

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