Chapter 2 - Another option

It was the middle of October when she found out something that hurt her. The day started like the other days since she was in high school: classes, teachers, breaks. In one break she was at the bathroom with her friend, Lucy.

- What are you planning to do this weekend? asked Sarah.

- Uhm…honestly…I don't have a plan. Why? Do you want to go somewhere?

- Yes. Could you please go with me…

- Yes?! Where to go?

- …

- Sarah?!

She was absent. Looking through the window she saw that “blue eyes” was with someone. It was a girl and he was hugging and kissing her with so much passion. In that moment Sarah felt that the world was crushing over her and she couldn’t breathe anymore. She felt that she was plunging into the darkness. Her friend, who knew about the “blue eyes”, tried to do something for her to react. But it was useless. She was there only with the body because with the soul she was far away.

- Sarah! Sarah! Wake up, please! said Lucy. Come on, you can’t be serious.

- Uhm…what? What happened?!

- What??? You don’t remember?

- Uhm…

- You don’t remember anything?!

- No. What should I remember?

- You saw “blue eyes”.

- Ooo…

And in that moment she started to cry and to say that she hasn’t luck; that her life is useless. After a few minutes, she stoped crying and told to her friend:

- You know something?! It’s such a shame on me to cry for someone that I don’t know. I’m wasting my time. It's stupid, you know, and sick to be upset on life just because one boy is with someone else.

- Wow! That’s my girl!

- But I love him with all my soul...

- Yes...I know but you have to move on. Think that it wasn't meant for you and that God has something else for you, something better.

- Yeah...I know. But...

Since that day she was trying to forget everything about him and concentrate on her life. After a few days another friend introduced her to a boy named Marian. He had brown eyes, curly hair and was sweet enough to love him. Sarah didn’t want to be with him but when she saw that he loves her and he wants to be with her no matter what, she reconsidered.

That moment triggered the start of a cute romance between them. A beautiful love story. At least from one point of view.