Chapter 6 - When reality interferes with dreams

Next day at school Sarah was the happiest girl in the whole world because she spent a night with her lover. Everyone was her friend in that day and she had no enemies. But this until the night came.
- Hello! Sarah?
- Uhm…yes. Sarah here. Who’s there?
- I’m sorry. I’m from the Central Hospital and we have to tell you something.
- Yes, sure. About what? About the analysis from the last week?
- No. About your mother.
- What?! What happened to her? Is she ok?
- She had a car accident and she…
- Hello?! Sarah, are you there?
Sarah was on way to hospital. She was thinking at so many things and she didn’t saw that a car was coming in front of her and that she was on the wrong way. She tried to avoid to have a car accident…and she struck a tree. People near her asked one another if she’s ok. “Yes, of course I’m ok. I’m fine. I’m perfect. My mom is in hospital because she had a car accident and what am I doing here?”
- Someone to call an ambulance. She’s bleeding.
“What?! No, I’m fine. Can’t you see that I’m ok?”
The ambulance was coming and the doctor asked what happened.
- She was trying to avoid colliding with the other car and she ended here.
- Ok. Sue, take her and go to the Central Hospital.
“My mom…I’ll see my mom. Is she ok?”
- Come on. Call dr. Adams to come because we need him in the operating room. Quick.
“Hey. What’s going on? What happened with my mom? She’s ok? Why are you operating her? I feel like moving…I can’t see anything. I’m the one that….”
- Quick. Put her the perfusion and the anesthesia, the doctors were talking.
Few hours later she was in her room. Opening her eyes she saw her mother and Nathan too. She didn’t remember anything.
- Hey baby. How this happened? said her mom.
- ….
- I know baby. Everything will be ok. Try to sleep now. Nathan, I’m going to ask the doctor something. Please stay here and take care of her.
- Of course.
Her mother left the room.
- Sarah, I feel guilty about this. Why weren’t you careful when you drive? I need to tell you something very important. Something that I can’t say you face to face. Now that you’re sleeping I can tell you. I love you Sarah. I love you from the first day I saw you. You’re always in my mind and you don’t know how I feel now. If something happens to you I couldn’t bear.
“Why I feel like I’m going? It’s so dark but I can see a light. I’ll go there; maybe I’ll find the way to get out of here.”
- Sarah?!
“This voice sounds familiar. Is…”
- Hey, Sarah. Wake up. Nathan's here.
- What?! She was so scared and she was searching if she’s ok.
- Hey, what are you doing?
- I had a car accident and I…
- No, you had a dream. You’re ok. Now go and see Nathan.


Chapter 5 - The surprise

Days were passing and they have become closely friends. The winter was near and Sarah was planning something.
“I should throw a party”, said Sarah. “Something that he’ll never forget. Something unforgetable.”
While she was making the preparations for the party she received a message: “Meet you in 10 minutes, down.” It wasn’t signed so she didn’t know from who was that message. She dressed and get out to see who wants to meet her. As usual, she was very punctual. I can’t say the same thing about the person who called her out.
- Hello?! Is anybody there?!
- Turn easy to the left.
- What…
- Easy I said.
- Who are you? Why should I listen to you?
- Do what I told you to do and don’t ask anything.
- Why should I do this? Who are you? Come out in light to see you.
- Not now. Good. Now is the moment for you to take 2 steps.
- Huh!?
- 2 steps I said.
- What an idiot. He asked me to came out and what he’s doing?! He wants me to take 2 steps. How stupid!
- I heard that!
- Oh, really? I was worried that you didn’t.
- Ha, ha. Very funny.
- Ok. That’s enough. I’ll go because it’s cold outside and I don’t want to play games anymore.
- Wait.
And in the same time a big and colorful light was turned on. In front of her was a table with a red rose in the middle. On the left side was a piano. She was amazed by the view.
I've never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight
I've never seen you shine so bright
I've never seen so many men ask you if you wanted to dance” He was singing „Lady in red”
- Nathan, you are...! How beautiful is everything. Thank you for the song. It’s amazing.
- Yes. I know. You welcome. So...do you like it?
- If I like it!? I love it.
- Good. That’s what I wanted to hear.Would you mind if I’ll ask you to dance?
- Uhm...I guess not.
- Fine. Let’s dance then.
Dancing with him was a wish that she never ever thought that could be realized. But a dream became true that night. And there were more.
- Now I think it’s the time to eat something, don’t you agree? said Nathan.
- Uhm..yeah. Sure.
But this was the only thing that Sarah wanted: to stay with him all night long. She didn’t want anything more than him.
- Uhm...you’re not thinking to eat something? Your parents will be worried that I didn’t gave you something to eat.
- Ha, ha. Funny boy.
So the night turned into something special for her. Thinking to make something to surprise Nathan, she was surprised by him instead.


Chapter 4 - The meeting

Sarah was feeling awful about Marian and what she did but in the same time she was thinking what to do with “blue eyes”. Meantime, she found out that “blue eyes” broke up with her girlfriend and she thought that there was a possibility for her. She tried different things but in the end she found a classmate of “blue eyes” and decided to talk to him.

- Hi! You know, I have a cousin that likes very much a classmate of you and I want to do something for her, said Sarah.

- Uhm…Ok. First, who are you?

- I’m Antonia. I have a friend that study at your high shool.

- Ok. And how she met my classmate?

- Uhm…I don’t know but what I know is that she loves him very much.

- Ok. You know that he broke up with his girlfriend one week ago and that he’s hurt and vulnerable.

- Yes. I know.

- You know?!

- Yes, I know because I…I mean, she told me.

- Ohhh…ok. Then I’ll give you his email.

- Ok. Thank you very much. You made my wish come true.

- Uhm…what?!

- Nothing. I understand.

- Ok.

That day was the most beautiful day from her life. She write him an email telling him what happened.

To: darkangel@hotmail.com

From: sensibletoyou@gmail.com

Hi! I’m Sarah. I’m a school mate of you. I found your email through a change of lists. Nice to meet you.

She received an email from him:

To: sensibletoyou@gmail.com

From: darkangel@hotmail.com

Hi! Nice to meet you too. But…why? I mean why you kept my email and why you want to talk with me?

They were talking in this way and in a few days they have become friends. All was good. One day at school Sarah was listening to music at her headphones and was lost in nowhere. She was dreaming: a prince coming to her with a white horse.

- Hi, Sarah!


- Sarah?!

- ….what?

- I said “Hi!”…

- Ohh….I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.

- It’s ok. Tell me, where were you?

- Uhm…What? When?

- Now!?

She was blushing and Nathan ( the name of “blue eyes” ) figured out what she was thinking.

- Ok. Listen, I have to go now but I’ll call you later, ok?

- …..

- Sarah?! Stop dreaming.

- Oh….Ok. Sorry. I’ll wait for you to call me. Bye.

“Wow… He is very beautiful. I think that I fall in love again…He’s much more beautiful now since we’re friends.”


Old, but cute

An old song that has given me a lot of memories and which I love very much


Chapter 3 - The break

Days were passing and she thought that she forgot him. At least she tried. Marian was very sweet and careful with her. Everyday was by her side trying to do his best so that Sarah could be satisfied. Soon will be the birthday of Sarah and he was thinking what to buy for her. Finally he bought something and went to her:
- Hi, Sarah! Happy birthday! and he kissed her. She tried to avoid him because she didn’t want to make him suffer.
- Ohh..hi! and thanks. It’s a beautiful rose but you shouldn’t bother.
- Uhm…you don’t like it…
She saw the grimace on his face and she tried to do things well.
- Look, I really like your gift. I love it. It’s very beautiful and it means a lot for me. You don’t receive a beautiful red rose daily so it’s nice.
- Uhm…yeah. Now you try to make me feel good but you know, it only makes me feel awful.
- Sorry. It wasn’t my intention. And then she kissed him. After that, Marian started to feel good and to show some happiness on his face.
Next day at school Sarah was with her friends on the school hall, talking. Lucy saw “blue eyes” but in the same time she saw that Marian was coming to Sarah and she didn’t know how to make Sarah to see “blue eyes”. It was something instant that Lucy said:
- Hey, Sarah. Look, that neon is broken. It doesn’t work.
- Uhm…what?!
- The neon. Doesn’t work.
- Ha ha. And why should I care?
- Just look. But quick.
In that moment Marian hugged her and because she couldn’t see the neon she had to turn and watch. But when she rolled she saw “blue eyes” and she figured out why Lucy told her about the neon. She was blushing and Marian asked her what happened.
- Uhm…nothing. Do you want to go somewhere with me?
- Yes. Of course. Where?
She didn’t hear what Marian said because she was thinking at “blue eyes” and she was trying to find him. When she finally found him she started to stare at him. Marian tried to ask her different things but her mind was far away. He finally realized that something wasn’t right but he ignored it.
- Sarah!? Come on, let’s go.
- Uhm…OK. Let’s go. She hardly moved away from “blue eyes” but she did it.
Marian observed that their relation has changed. He tried to speak with Sarah but she didn’t came to school few days. He also tried to call her but she didn’t answered. After a week of absence Sarah returned to school and then she talked with Marian.
- Marian, listen. I have something to tell you.
- Of course, baby. I want to talk to you too about a few things.
- Ok. Uhm…let’s go somewhere where we won’t be disturbed.
- Sure. I know the right place.
In their way both of them were thinking how to start and how to tell what they want without making the other feel uncomfortable.
- Ok. That’s the place.
It was a beautiful restaurant where they went. The atmosphere was so romantic; on the table were candles and in the middle was a red rose.
- Ok. Do you like here?
- Uhm…Yes. It’s a nice place. But I need to talk with you.
- Yes. Of course. But wait a sec to order something.
- No. I can’t wait.
- Ohhh…Ok. Then start.
- Look. About our relation…
- About this I want to talk too.
- Then say first.
- No. It’s ok. I’ll wait.
- Ok. Listen…I think that what we have isn’t a relation. It was in a hurry and honestly I don’t feel anything for you. I love someone else and I can’t be with you. It’s not fair for you to be with me and it’s not fair for me neither to think on someone else while I’m with you. So it’s better if we break and we try to be friends because honestly, none of us feel something like love, real love for the other. Am I right?
- Marian!?
- Uhm…yes. I think you’re right.
- Ok. Now that all it’s over, tell me what you wanted to tell me.
- Uhm…no. Nothing. It was stupid of me to think about it.
And in that moment he walked away and he disappeared.


Blue eyes

I stare into your eyes
your beautiful blue eyes...
inside they hold stories

some to make you cry.

I hate the fact this happend to you

I hate the things you've been through

But still you're here, I'm glad you're strong,

I make you smile while helping you along.

I think of the stories your eyes behold

but still I wait for them to be told.

I know you'll tell me when the time is right

I know you'll tell me when your mind is right.

I hardly see you but feel like I need you

I know it takes a lil work, a challenge won't hurt.

I want to see you, the real you

that hides behind the big beautiful blue eyes.

by Zak.


Delete from my diary 2 days

Today I will delete from my diary
two days: yesterday and tomorrow.

Yesterday was to learn and
tomorrow will be the consequence
of what I can do today.

Today I will face life
with the conviction that this day
will not ever return.

Today is the last opportunity
I have to live intensely,
as no one can assure me that,
I will see tomorrows sunshine.

Today I will be brave enough
not to let any opportunity pass me by,
my only alternative is to succeed.

Today I will invest
my most valuable resource:my time,
in the most transcendental work:
my life.

I will spend each minute
passionately to make
of today a different
and unique day in my life.

Today I will defy every obstacle
that appears on my way trusting
I will succeed.

Today I will resist
pessimism and will conquer
the world with a smile,
with the positive attitude
of expecting always the best.

Today I will make of every ordinary
task a sublime expression.
Today I will have my feet on the ground
understanding reality and the stars gaze
to invent my future.

Today I will take the time to be happy
and will leave my footprints and my
presence in the hearts of others.

by HumAyuN

The reason why we cried

Someday, we'll forget
the hurt,
the reason we cried
who caused us pain.
We'll finally realize that
the secret of being free
is not revenge
letting things unfold in
their own way and own time.
After all what matters is not
the first
the last chapter of our life
which shows how well we
ran the race.
BELIEVE and LOVE all over

by HumAyuN

whenever you feel alone

I'll Stay,
Whenever You Feel Alone.
When There Is Something Wrong,
We Will Make It Right.

I'll Be There,
Whenever You Need Me.
When You Have A Problem,
Together We'll Solve It.

I'll Understand,
Whenever You Get Mad.
If You Can't Forgive Me,
I'll Just Wait For Your Forgiveness.

I'll Come With You,
Whenever You Want To Go.
If You Need Someone To Be With,
I'll Go With You.

I'll Be Your Armor,
Whenever You Get Hurt.
If You Feel That Your Down,
I'll Never Let You Fall.

by HumAyuN


Chapter 2 - Another option

It was the middle of October when she found out something that hurt her. The day started like the other days since she was in high school: classes, teachers, breaks. In one break she was at the bathroom with her friend, Lucy.

- What are you planning to do this weekend? asked Sarah.

- Uhm…honestly…I don't have a plan. Why? Do you want to go somewhere?

- Yes. Could you please go with me…

- Yes?! Where to go?

- …

- Sarah?!

She was absent. Looking through the window she saw that “blue eyes” was with someone. It was a girl and he was hugging and kissing her with so much passion. In that moment Sarah felt that the world was crushing over her and she couldn’t breathe anymore. She felt that she was plunging into the darkness. Her friend, who knew about the “blue eyes”, tried to do something for her to react. But it was useless. She was there only with the body because with the soul she was far away.

- Sarah! Sarah! Wake up, please! said Lucy. Come on, you can’t be serious.

- Uhm…what? What happened?!

- What??? You don’t remember?

- Uhm…

- You don’t remember anything?!

- No. What should I remember?

- You saw “blue eyes”.

- Ooo…

And in that moment she started to cry and to say that she hasn’t luck; that her life is useless. After a few minutes, she stoped crying and told to her friend:

- You know something?! It’s such a shame on me to cry for someone that I don’t know. I’m wasting my time. It's stupid, you know, and sick to be upset on life just because one boy is with someone else.

- Wow! That’s my girl!

- But I love him with all my soul...

- Yes...I know but you have to move on. Think that it wasn't meant for you and that God has something else for you, something better.

- Yeah...I know. But...

Since that day she was trying to forget everything about him and concentrate on her life. After a few days another friend introduced her to a boy named Marian. He had brown eyes, curly hair and was sweet enough to love him. Sarah didn’t want to be with him but when she saw that he loves her and he wants to be with her no matter what, she reconsidered.

That moment triggered the start of a cute romance between them. A beautiful love story. At least from one point of view.



You are like the morning sun on my face
When I'm here with you, there's no better place.
And when the trials of the day get me down
You take my frown and you turn it around
When you smile at me,
you just smile at me...
There is nothing that I'd rather see
than the smile I know is only for me.
And when the day is finally through,
I wish for just a smile from you
And you smile at me
you just smile at me
You make the world a better place,
You put the smile upon my face.
You bring sunshine into my day
and chase the lonely times away
when you smile at me,
you just smile at me...

from zak.


Chapter 1 - First sight

15th September, autumn. The first day at school as freshman. Everyone looked beautiful. Even if you didn't want, you could see the joy and the noise that was in the school yard. The seniors were looking for the new girls thinking of God knows what. She was happy that she was at high school and that new possibilities were coming.

First day: meet new people, talk, make friends, discuss and think. Second day: class, teachers, objects, break. Everyday had something special and came with something new and challenging. Everything was OK until she had met him. A beautiful boy with blue eyes that could rapt you anytime. You couldn't not observe him even if they were a billion boys. She named him "blue eyes".

Sarah descended the stairs and from nowhere he showed up. She couldn't see how he looked like because she was attracted by his beautiful eyes. She was so happy thinking about him. For the first time she was in love with someone and the feeling was so great and beautiful that she wanted to yell to everyone how much she loves him.

That day at home Sarah did nothing but thinking about him, about how different and special she was feeling and acting. Her life has changed since she met him. She was someone new, with dreams and with a big and beautiful smile on her face. She was shining.

Next day at school she was looking for him. How could you find someone if you don't know how he looks like?! But this wasn't an impediment for her. It was fun and challenging for her to search a guy by his eyes. Looking at the eyes of each boy, Sarah finally found him. Like she supposed, he was beautiful like a prince. She fell in love more and more. Her heart was beating faster and faster with every moment when she was seeing him.

Since that day she was trying to be near to him with every occasion so he can see her and maybe be friends, for the moment, because she had big plans for them.

One day Sarah saw something that hurt her and she became so sad.



Obisnuiam sa caut imposibilul...poate inca il mai caut dar nu vreau sa admit acest lucru. Obisnuiam sa cred ca esti alaturi de mine...la bine si la rau...la nevoie. Obisnuiam sa vad viata in culori vii, dar tu ai avut grija sa le transformi incet incet in monoculori. Obisnuiam sa simt natura...sa fiu una cu ea... Obisnuiam sa stam seara sa privim cerul instelat...sa depanam amintiri...povesti...impreuna... Obisnuiam sa cred in tine...sa sper la mai bine...sa am incredere ca ziua de maine va veni cu multe daruri si dorinte implinite. Obisnuiam sa iubim impreuna...sa radem...sa plangem... Ti-aduci aminte acele seri?! Acele zile?! Acele jocuri ce ne atrageau mult...mai mult?! Nu-mi raspunde...pentru ca stiu deja raspunsul si imi cauzeaza durere. Obisnuiam sa privim in aceeasi directie...sa simtim in aceeasi maniera...

Azi tot ce obisnuiam mi se pare indepartat. Lucruri ce par facute cu multi ani in urma...sau poate intr-o alta viata. Alte sentimente ma napadesc acum...mi-ai aratat ca lumea poate fi parsiva si ca nu se merita sa ai incredere in nimeni. M-ai invatat ca nu conteaza in cine am avut incredere odata, ci in cine o sa am de acum incolo si ca nimeni nu merita lacrimile mele. M-ai invatat sa privesc inainte fara sa ma uit in spate...sa las trecutul in urma...prin urmare sa te las pe tine in urma pentru ca tu reprezinti trecutul. Nu-mi stiu viitorul, dar profit cat pot de mult de prezent si incerc sa invat cat mai multe din trecut. Mi-ai aratat ca poti fi superficial si rece si mi-ai dat o lectie pe care nu o sa o uit vreodata.

Obisnuiai sa-mi fii prezent si viitor...acum esti doar trecut ce trebuie depasit si asumat.

Tu...ce obisnuiai?!



Te'am vazut,
Te'am placut...

M'ai chemat,

Te'am urmat...

Te jucai,

Ma placeai...

M'ai urat,

Te'am iubit...

Ai plecat,

Te'am uitat.



I feel disapointed about you. We know each other for so long and you react like this?! Are you stupid or what? Is this the way you always thought?! I feel betrayed by your way of thinking and I hope you reconsider what you say so that all can be fine again.



We used to be like that...

Now...all we have are memories...

Each other has his own way now...

We're like 2 strangers on life's way...



We'll start from the beginning...again. Everything was erased.



Inima femeii si adancimea oceanului nu sunt niciodata usor de masurat. Atata singuratate, atata neputinta...De ce oare dragostea ne provoaca atata durere?


Eu regret..tu?! Regret faptul ca am stat atata timp cu tine si ca abia acum ti`ai aratat adevarata fata. Acum mi`am dat seama cat de "prieten" mi`ai fost. Regret faptul ca am avut incredere in tine si ca am fost o proasta la acest gest. Regret tot ce este legat despre tine, chiar daca au fost momente frumoase, pentru ca au fost urmate de clipe teribile. Preferam sa fim 2 straini pe drumul vietii fara a interveni unul in calea celuilalt. Un lucru nu regret si anume faptul ca am pus punct. Nu meriti mai mult de atat si daca nu realizezi acest lucru, e grav. Destul de grav.




no name.

Do you really think that things will change just because you talked once with me in a long time? You're wrong and you don't even realise this. You are so blind that you think you're the best and everybody means nothing. Once again you're wrong. Every thought of you is pointless and stupid. Learn how to manifest yourself and how to behave.

See you next time...till then