Chapter 4 - The meeting

Sarah was feeling awful about Marian and what she did but in the same time she was thinking what to do with “blue eyes”. Meantime, she found out that “blue eyes” broke up with her girlfriend and she thought that there was a possibility for her. She tried different things but in the end she found a classmate of “blue eyes” and decided to talk to him.

- Hi! You know, I have a cousin that likes very much a classmate of you and I want to do something for her, said Sarah.

- Uhm…Ok. First, who are you?

- I’m Antonia. I have a friend that study at your high shool.

- Ok. And how she met my classmate?

- Uhm…I don’t know but what I know is that she loves him very much.

- Ok. You know that he broke up with his girlfriend one week ago and that he’s hurt and vulnerable.

- Yes. I know.

- You know?!

- Yes, I know because I…I mean, she told me.

- Ohhh…ok. Then I’ll give you his email.

- Ok. Thank you very much. You made my wish come true.

- Uhm…what?!

- Nothing. I understand.

- Ok.

That day was the most beautiful day from her life. She write him an email telling him what happened.

To: darkangel@hotmail.com

From: sensibletoyou@gmail.com

Hi! I’m Sarah. I’m a school mate of you. I found your email through a change of lists. Nice to meet you.

She received an email from him:

To: sensibletoyou@gmail.com

From: darkangel@hotmail.com

Hi! Nice to meet you too. But…why? I mean why you kept my email and why you want to talk with me?

They were talking in this way and in a few days they have become friends. All was good. One day at school Sarah was listening to music at her headphones and was lost in nowhere. She was dreaming: a prince coming to her with a white horse.

- Hi, Sarah!


- Sarah?!

- ….what?

- I said “Hi!”…

- Ohh….I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.

- It’s ok. Tell me, where were you?

- Uhm…What? When?

- Now!?

She was blushing and Nathan ( the name of “blue eyes” ) figured out what she was thinking.

- Ok. Listen, I have to go now but I’ll call you later, ok?

- …..

- Sarah?! Stop dreaming.

- Oh….Ok. Sorry. I’ll wait for you to call me. Bye.

“Wow… He is very beautiful. I think that I fall in love again…He’s much more beautiful now since we’re friends.”