Chapter 6 - When reality interferes with dreams

Next day at school Sarah was the happiest girl in the whole world because she spent a night with her lover. Everyone was her friend in that day and she had no enemies. But this until the night came.
- Hello! Sarah?
- Uhm…yes. Sarah here. Who’s there?
- I’m sorry. I’m from the Central Hospital and we have to tell you something.
- Yes, sure. About what? About the analysis from the last week?
- No. About your mother.
- What?! What happened to her? Is she ok?
- She had a car accident and she…
- Hello?! Sarah, are you there?
Sarah was on way to hospital. She was thinking at so many things and she didn’t saw that a car was coming in front of her and that she was on the wrong way. She tried to avoid to have a car accident…and she struck a tree. People near her asked one another if she’s ok. “Yes, of course I’m ok. I’m fine. I’m perfect. My mom is in hospital because she had a car accident and what am I doing here?”
- Someone to call an ambulance. She’s bleeding.
“What?! No, I’m fine. Can’t you see that I’m ok?”
The ambulance was coming and the doctor asked what happened.
- She was trying to avoid colliding with the other car and she ended here.
- Ok. Sue, take her and go to the Central Hospital.
“My mom…I’ll see my mom. Is she ok?”
- Come on. Call dr. Adams to come because we need him in the operating room. Quick.
“Hey. What’s going on? What happened with my mom? She’s ok? Why are you operating her? I feel like moving…I can’t see anything. I’m the one that….”
- Quick. Put her the perfusion and the anesthesia, the doctors were talking.
Few hours later she was in her room. Opening her eyes she saw her mother and Nathan too. She didn’t remember anything.
- Hey baby. How this happened? said her mom.
- ….
- I know baby. Everything will be ok. Try to sleep now. Nathan, I’m going to ask the doctor something. Please stay here and take care of her.
- Of course.
Her mother left the room.
- Sarah, I feel guilty about this. Why weren’t you careful when you drive? I need to tell you something very important. Something that I can’t say you face to face. Now that you’re sleeping I can tell you. I love you Sarah. I love you from the first day I saw you. You’re always in my mind and you don’t know how I feel now. If something happens to you I couldn’t bear.
“Why I feel like I’m going? It’s so dark but I can see a light. I’ll go there; maybe I’ll find the way to get out of here.”
- Sarah?!
“This voice sounds familiar. Is…”
- Hey, Sarah. Wake up. Nathan's here.
- What?! She was so scared and she was searching if she’s ok.
- Hey, what are you doing?
- I had a car accident and I…
- No, you had a dream. You’re ok. Now go and see Nathan.

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