Chapter 1 - First sight

15th September, autumn. The first day at school as freshman. Everyone looked beautiful. Even if you didn't want, you could see the joy and the noise that was in the school yard. The seniors were looking for the new girls thinking of God knows what. She was happy that she was at high school and that new possibilities were coming.

First day: meet new people, talk, make friends, discuss and think. Second day: class, teachers, objects, break. Everyday had something special and came with something new and challenging. Everything was OK until she had met him. A beautiful boy with blue eyes that could rapt you anytime. You couldn't not observe him even if they were a billion boys. She named him "blue eyes".

Sarah descended the stairs and from nowhere he showed up. She couldn't see how he looked like because she was attracted by his beautiful eyes. She was so happy thinking about him. For the first time she was in love with someone and the feeling was so great and beautiful that she wanted to yell to everyone how much she loves him.

That day at home Sarah did nothing but thinking about him, about how different and special she was feeling and acting. Her life has changed since she met him. She was someone new, with dreams and with a big and beautiful smile on her face. She was shining.

Next day at school she was looking for him. How could you find someone if you don't know how he looks like?! But this wasn't an impediment for her. It was fun and challenging for her to search a guy by his eyes. Looking at the eyes of each boy, Sarah finally found him. Like she supposed, he was beautiful like a prince. She fell in love more and more. Her heart was beating faster and faster with every moment when she was seeing him.

Since that day she was trying to be near to him with every occasion so he can see her and maybe be friends, for the moment, because she had big plans for them.

One day Sarah saw something that hurt her and she became so sad.